Fuel.Ph – More Than Just A Place To Hang Out


I finally met with my dear friend Monica again today – and guess where – at FUEL.PH! The last time we met was I think September 2011 – too long ago! If you check out my old blog posts you’ll learn that Monica works in Manila which is the reason why we don’t see each other often. She goes home once every 3-4 months. When she does go home she of course spends time with her family first. And sometimes we don’t get to meet because I have work too. But today we finally got to spend time together. We met after I was done with a number of meetings related to my new job. Oh about my new job, I’ll share about it here soon when we officially relaunch in Iloilo! It’s a very exciting and fulfilling job that fills my days with awesomeness! And those are too many adverbs in one paragraph!  LOL!

So back to the reason why I’m blogging now at midnight. Tim and I met with Monica at Fuel.Ph. It’s this new place at Smallville where people can hang out. But wait scratch the word hang out. It’s actually not just a place to “hang out”. Fuel.Ph is more than that.

Adobo Rice

At Fuel.Ph you can engage in a membership that’s made especially for you. At Php500 you can become one of the passionate members of this VISION. If you believe in their vision and you have passion for writing, singing, sports, politics, current events, business, the sciences, the arts – and whatever your passion is – then be a member. Your Php500 is actually consumable. So you will get to enjoy their delicious food and drinks as well. And the membership also includes upgraded iPad use, 5% back at the end of the year, get to attend special events for members only and avail of their discounts and promos.

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