Celebrate Summer Viber Philippines Style with Viberacay


The island of Boracay. I was lucky enough to have a job that gave me the opportunity to visit the island paradise whenever I wanted to – because of “work” of course. The fine white sand, the beach, the food, the parties and events featuring celebrities, everything about that place keeps me coming back.

The routine then was simple, work the whole Friday and enjoy the weekend mixing the seafoods, the alcohol, the salty air of the beach and the sights – everything! This feeling of excitement lasted for 4 years. The monthly visits turned into quarterly, then twice a year. (FYI: I’m the one who’s setting my travel schedule). Until the time that the urge to go there vanished. Not because of the place but because I’m getting tired and bored of my work. Burnt out! And it ended with a resignation letter.

My job ended but the excitement of going back to Boracay came back. Scanning the calendar for holidays, its the time when the island is much more alive.

Photo by Meet-up Boracay

Wondering why am I sharing this experience with you?
Last week Boracay was trending on Twitter and Facebook because of the events happening there during the Labor Day weekend, thus the hashtag #LaBoracay.

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