Hello everyone! Thank you for checking out The Iloilo Food Blogger! This blog is maintained by Tim and Mary Jane of Mary Jane’s Niche. We conceptualized this when we found ourselves going to different places, eating at different restos and then taking photos of the food we ordered before actually eating them. We travel a lot so we decided to make a food blog because this is where we’re really good at – eating! LOL! But seriously we like to taste the specialty foods – and the not so extraordinary ones as well – of every places we go to. We have a lot of photos archived so instead of cramming them on a hard disk where nobody else but us can see them we thought – why not share it with the world instead, right? So we decided to make a blog dedicated to food and only food. Food from Iloilo, Negros, Panay and the whole Philippines.

So we hope you guys will enjoy reading our blog posts, looking at all our photos and we also hope that we’ll influence you to taste them all too! Kaon na! :D

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