Bong’s 8 Arroz Caldo in Oton

It was a lazy afternoon and Jane and I were resting after working on some chores and online tasks. I was hungry because we only had brunch with Jane’s brothers and we didn’t feel like cooking so we decided to go to town and eat arroz caldo at Bong’s 8.

Bong’s 8 is this simple arrozcaldohan located beside South Coast International School in Oton, Iloilo. They serve surprisingly delicious arroz caldo there. Their chicken siopao is also noteworthy. It’s not as good as Roberto’s but it’s halfway there. :)

When you order arroz caldo you get a choice whether you would like it with eggs and chicken. They also serve batchoy and pork siopao. And guess what – they also have free wifi for their customers!

Here’s a photo Jane took with her android phone:

We were not able to take note of their menu but we surely will the next time we go there.

In the meantime, here’s the cost of what we ate:

2 Arroz Caldo with 1 egg each – 36php

2 Chicken Siopao – 30php

1 Bottled Water – 10 php

Total of: 76php

How awesome is that?! :D

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