The Healing Powers of Food

It’s unfortunate that the healing powers of food have been kept a secret for so long. Although there’s been no conscious conspiracy, no health-care cover-up, and no intentional oversight, most of us are in the dark about the many ways in which food heals us.

We’re paying a big price for our ignorance: like a silent thief, it’s robbing us for our health – physically, emotionally, spiritually, and socially. I’m writing this blog post so that the secrets inherent in food won’t remain secrets. After all, they’re too important to all of us. Every aspect of our lives – even of the world and the planet – can potentially be healed by them.

The Four Facets of Food

“In Ageless Body, Timeless Mind”, Deepak Chopra writes, “The most significant breakthrough is not contained in isolated findings but in a completely new worldview.” Our current food worldview encourages us to look at food with binoculars. One moment we point them at protein, the next at carbohydrates, and then at fat – both in food and on our body. Viewed through such a restricted field of vision, we see food solely from a singular, biological perspective of “isolated findings”.

But toss away the binoculars and instead view food through a kaleidoscope, and the multidimensional healing secrets of socializing, feelings, mindfulness, appreciation, connection, and optimal food emerge. And then, with the simple turn of the kaleidoscope, suddenly the healing secrets are distilled into the “four facets of food.” In place of our interesting but limited binocular focus on food, stunning new nutrition insights are revealed; suddenly, subtleties that reflect physical, emotional, spiritual, and social nourishment are manifested. Viewed from such an interactive, ever-changing, multifaceted vantage point, food and nutrition become integrated, interconnected, and whole.

Rather than thinking about the four facets of food as a new diet or as more dietary dogma, as you read about them, I ask you to consider that they integrate our current nutrient-oriented view of food while also acknowledging the harder-to-measure healing dimensions of food, such as its link to emotions, spiritual well-being, and community. At their most meaningful level, the facets are independent of one another but also interdependent and profoundly interconnected. Once you begin to view food from this authentic, multifaceted framework, your entire relationship to food – and your perception about its power to heal holistically – will change at its core.

Watch out for my next blog posts on the Four Facets of Food.


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