Celebrate Summer Viber Philippines Style with Viberacay


The island of Boracay. I was lucky enough to have a job that gave me the opportunity to visit the island paradise whenever I wanted to – because of “work” of course. The fine white sand, the beach, the food, the parties and events featuring celebrities, everything about that place keeps me coming back.

The routine then was simple, work the whole Friday and enjoy the weekend mixing the seafoods, the alcohol, the salty air of the beach and the sights – everything! This feeling of excitement lasted for 4 years. The monthly visits turned into quarterly, then twice a year. (FYI: I’m the one who’s setting my travel schedule). Until the time that the urge to go there vanished. Not because of the place but because I’m getting tired and bored of my work. Burnt out! And it ended with a resignation letter.

My job ended but the excitement of going back to Boracay came back. Scanning the calendar for holidays, its the time when the island is much more alive.

Photo by Meet-up Boracay

Wondering why am I sharing this experience with you?
Last week Boracay was trending on Twitter and Facebook because of the events happening there during the Labor Day weekend, thus the hashtag #LaBoracay.

Photo by Meet-up Boracay

But is the Labor Day weekend over? May 1 is but not the fun and party brought by Viber over the weekend – the Viberacay Summer!

What’s with Viber? And what is Viberacay Summer? At first, I was skeptical of using this new Instant Messaging App (IMA) because I have been using other IMAs. Not until everyone I know preferred Viber over other IMAs. My siblings from other countries are using Viber to call, text and send picture messages to my 70-year old father. So I decided to try it out and so I installed it on my phone and it didn’t disappoint me. These are the things I have observed that makes me like Viber: first is that it’s easier to use than the “other” app I preferred before. No emails or registration needed. Just the phone number and the Viber app and you’re good to go; second, the data consumed by Viber is much lesser than the others. In short, Viber is cheaper.

Suffering from WiFi withdrawal? Send a Viber to 0911-VIBERPH to get access to 24 hours of free WiFi.

So let’s go back to the exciting Viberacay! It’s an event that is brought to us by ViberPH and still happening now, where summer and technology are mixed. It started last April 29 and ongoing until May 5, 2014.

For those who are going to Boracay this weekend, you can still check out the activities Viber has prepared for everyone! Check out the list below. Thanks Jane for preparing this list. :)

Summer Hangover at White House Resort Boracay – May 4, 2014

Cap off your Labor Day Week celebrations at White House Resort Boracay with live performances by MC Paolo, DK Ace Ramon, DJ Aryan, Brandon J and NixDamP. A summer Hangover never sounds so good!

Viber Boat Jetty – April 29 to May 5, 2014

Viber is giving its users a free ride from Caticlan Jetty Port to Cagban Port and vice versa. All you have to do is present your Viber app at the Viber Desk, sign up and receive a Viber Stamp. Show your stamp to the port officer. Enjoy a free trip on the Viber Boat. Snap and share your #Viberacay experience through Viber, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Viber Hub at D’Mall – April 29 to May 5, 2014

Get VIP access to the best parties and enjoy even more perks exclusive to Viber users when you visit the Viber Hub at D’Mall from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

Sunkissed Boracay – May 1 to 4, 2014

Head over to Pearl of the Pacific from May 1 – 4, 2014 as Viber presents Sunkissed Boracay featuring performances by DJ Alvaro, Ameli, and Mia and backed up by the hottest DJs in Manila. This is the perfect party to cap off your Labor Day weekend vacation! Visit Viber Hub in D’Mall for more information and exclusive access.

Viber Perks

FREE 24 hours WiFi, Viber Photo Finish and hunt for Violet! Find Violet and other Viber Statues as they wander the island for a unique photo to commemorate your Labor Day weekend.

Viberacay Island Rides

Make your way around the island viber style and enjoy free rides care of the Viber Multicabs at the Cagban Port from 7am to 6am. Just present your Viber app at the Cagban Viber Desk and sign up to receive a stamp and Viber Star. Show your Viber Star and stamp to the Cagban Ride Marshall. Enjoy your free ride and don’t forget to snap and share your #Viberacay experience through Viber, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Viber Taste of Fun – April 29 to May 5, 2014 from 12 PM to 10 PM only

Enjoy the local taste of fun when you get a free Chori Burger from one of Viber’s Chori Burger vendors! How to get one? Just present your Viber app or one of the “Free Chori Burger” stubs from your Viber star. Dig in!

Don’t forget to always Snap and share your #Viberacay experience through Viber, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


7 thoughts on “Celebrate Summer Viber Philippines Style with Viberacay

  1. That shrimp looks delish!! I’ve never been to Boracay yet. I sure hope to visit soon. Heard a lot of great things about that place. :)

  2. Good for you TIm that before you can go to Boracay anytime
    But you got bored easily? hehehe
    WAla pa guro sang VIBERACAY that time hehehe

    • @skattlin: Laboracay is actually “Labor Day + Boracay”. I don’t think there’s an event in Boracay with that name. Correct me if I’m wrong though.

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