Globe Tattoo Just Got Supercharged

The revolution starts now and it begins with Tattoo. To kick off another year of top notch innovation, Tattoo breaks barriers and overcomes limits. Tattoo gives its customers an out-of-the-box experience – Resisting limitations in reach, mediocrity in connection and uniformity in service.

Armed with unbeaten offers, Tattoo, powered by Globe sets itself apart as it becomes faster with their roll-out of the 4G network – making all services bolder and more powerful than ever. As the #1 most preferred broadband in the country, Tattoo makes sure that each service goes with every fast-paced lifestyle.

Expensive connections and limited coverage are history with Tattoo’s pre-paid devices and packages that let’s every individual spark a trend on-line. Run of the mill offers are long gone. Tattoo resists mediocrity with peerless Prepaid offers.  The Tattoo Sonic is Tattoo’s most affordable device at P995 powered by 3G. Its speeds reach up to 3.6Mbps and you can even enjoy Facebook free for the first 10 days. Tattoo Flash device on the other hand at P1245 is already run under the 4G umbrella with speeds reaching to 7.2Mbps that comes with 25 days free Facebook usage. Lastly, pre-paid users can now experience The Tattoo Superstick Prepaid powered by 4G up to 7.2Mbps for only P 3895 also with 25 days free Facebook usage.

And even on a prepaid service, you can still be in the loop resisting limitations in connectivity. All of these devices upon purchase come with Free 120 hours of unlimited connection for 5 days.

Tattoo’s new post-paid plans define living without limits – resisting uniformity on plan offers that don’t follow suit with each unique lifestyle. Tattoo’s new Postpaid portfolio starts with their lowest plans at P 299 and P 499 a month. Both come with the 4G-powered USB dongle that reaches 7.2Mbps. The Tattoo device at plan P 999 on the other hand has speeds of up to 12 Mbps  while the Tattoo Superstick at plan P 1299 keeps you on-line up to 21 Mbps both running on 4G.

Pushing the limits in bandwidth are their exceptional add-ons with the Speed and Volume Boost. Speed Boosts go for up to 12 Mbps for additional P 100/month; Up to 21 Mbps for P 150/month and up to 42 mbps for P 250/month. Wider bandwidth also becomes more accessible with the Volume Boost that starts with an additional 5GB for P 200/month; additional 10GB for P 300/month and a Surf-All-You want option for only an additional P 400/month.

Securing their position in the world-wide web, 2012 is bound to be more groundbreaking for Tattoo – with technological innovations, new devices, revitalized services, and matchless deals that RESIST the tired and traditional model. With a new and empowered broadband that packs a punch, in a super sleek and stylish package, Tattoo reveals the new and progressive face of internet technology.

This is the time when we RESIST the downtimes, the slow rates, and the expensive connections, trade the old with the new, and spark a nationwide revolution against nameless, faceless, and restrictive online presence.

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