Coffeebreak, Rice n’ More and Waffle Time at Iloilo Supermart Villa

If you are from Villa or live near Villa; and you love Coffeebreak then you don’t have to go any further! Iloilo Supermart Villa is now open and what do you know – Coffeebreak has another branch here! Enjoy your coffee and desserts at the second floor.

Be delighted with the specially-prepared yummy waffles by Waffle Time if you’re looking for the perfect break snack. The waffles are delicious and unforgettable, available in such exciting flavors as the favorite – American Hotdog, German Cheese Franks, Ham & Cheese, Tuna Salad, Cheese Delight and a lot more.

Make that quick stop at Rice n’ More when you are hurrying for lunch and you want mouth-watering and affordable fantastic rice toppings food kiosk that captures the growing market for affordable to-go food. Rice ‘N More boasts fast rice meal and wraps preparation with a variety of sauces to choose from.

So whether at lunch, snack, or coffee time, make your day truly special by making that terrific stop at WaffleTime, Rice n’ More, or Coffeebreak.

Thanks to Iloilo Supermart Villa!

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