More Chocolate Seductions at Tinapayan’s 3rd Week of Sinful Desires

Tinapayan Bakeshop has revealed their new chocolate offerings for the third week to some bloggers today. Expect more mouthwatering chocolate concoctions at Tinapayan’s Sinful Desires, still for the ongoing celebration of the Chocolate Festival Month. There’s just no way that Tinapayan’s sweetest collections can bring you down as they come with two more blissful weeks of intense chocolate seduction.

For Tinapayan’s Sinful Desire’s third week, here is another collection of flavorful chocolate blends that will definitely delight your appetite with the premium taste of chocolate twisted with different flavors!

Choco Caramel Seduction

Try and resist this twist of yummy choco flavor as it comes with caramel surprises!

Choco Strawberry Bar

Ignite your playful side with the Choco Strawberry bars that would surely please your tongue with its premium chocolate bar touched with the goodness of genuine strawberry flavor.

Choco Mango Creme Brulee

The sweetest fusion of chocolate flavor and mango would absolutely make you ask for more choco-fruity treat!

Chocolate Croissant

Now this is my personal favorite! Croissants are well known French pastries, and with the flaky texture that compliments the deliciousness of the chocolate.

I know this mouthwatering treats had your senses craving for chocolate so go to the nearest Tinapayan Bakeshop branch as soon as you can and treat yourself and your family. Because we did just that! Indulge!

Tinapayan Bakeshop
The Atrium, Jaro , Delgado and Mandurriao
Iloilo City, Philippines, 5000

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